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Young Justice

Finally watched Young Justice and it was awesome! They have Bart, my favorite character. And I loved Roy. And Tim actually was the third Robin, not his personality spliced onto Dick. So DC recs. Somehow, I ended up missing Jason/Tim.

Partners by heartslogos
Pairing: Roy Harper/Tim Drake
Summary: "If he doesn't kill you," X answers, "he makes you stronger."
Comments: A Young Justice/comics/Teen Titans villains!AU of Roy and Tim, heavy on the villains!Young Justice AU. I love the surprising use of Jason Todd and Red X within the Young Justice universe or AUs thereof.
Roy was already kinda going down a pretty dark road in Young Justice but this is the Tim that could have been.

X Marks the Spot by alpha_hydra
Pairing: Dick Grayson/Jason Todd?
Summary: Nightwing sees a ghost, and the little birds and bats are tasked with bringing him home.
Comments: Young Justice/Red Hood: The Lost Days/Teen Titans fusion but mainly in the Young Justice universe. A logical yet exciting step when combining Red Hood: The Lost Days with Young Justice, which, really, might as well be canon. Another great use of Jason and Red X with competent heroes because I value a competently written Batfamily who knows their gadgets, weapons, and hand-to-hand. Plus great Jason and Arsenal dynamics. They do have a lot in common. Anger issues, mentor issues, love of explosives.

The Crash, The Mode, And Everything In Between series by orphan_account
Pairing: Bart Allen/Jaime Reyes
Summary: Jaime and Bart date. Stuff happens. And still, they date.
Comments: Exactly how I imagine Bart/Jaime would pan out if they ever decided to get together which would mean lots of hanging out, sociopathic Scarab stating death threats, and cute misunderstandings. My version of fluff, I suppose.

If we couldn't carry our dead inside us, we would be empty. (emptier, I mean.) by failsafe
Pairing: Roy Harper/Jade Nguyen, Roy Harper/Kaldur'ahm
Summary: When Tuλa died, Kaldur needed something. Someone.
Comments: There needs to be more Roy and Kal fics. There was basically a line where we learn Roy and Kaldur were friends but it is golden potential since both Roy and Kaldur have very complicated lives and this story doesn't avoid any of the complications. In a short one-shot, we have infidelity, Jade's pregnancy, Roy's self-destruction and drug use, and Kaldur'ahm dealing with Tula's death before he goes deep undercover. Also, the story does a good job capturing their voices.
Tags: rec, rec: batclan, rec: young justice
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