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MGS recs. Mostly (but not all) Bosselot

Well, MGSV came out and there's always this journal for some of my favorite fanfiction.

Shot Me Down by SewSewDef
Pairing: Big Boss/Ocelot
Summary: "NYC, 1964: Snake tries to adjust to civilian life. Ocelot's not helping."
Comments: Often described as "the one happy, domestic fic from an otherwise tragic ship" and I would have to agree. No heart-breaking loss of humanity here. Not only that but I appreciate the research and thought put into the fic. The little tidbits of what beer they would be drinking or the music available to them in the 60's makes me really feel like I'm there with them. Two super agents trying out this relationship thing when Ocelot is still young and arrogant and prickly and Big Boss is still a bit dense. It's...pretty good.

Zero Game by Nihilistic Fatality
Pairing: Big Boss/Ocelot, past Big Boss/EVA, Null/Sniper Wolf
Summary: "The assassination of JFK left a lasting scar upon the United States. But what went on behind the scenes proves once more that fact is stranger than fiction."
Tiger in Barbed Wire is a direct sequel and should absolutely be read despite its short, unfinished state because it is good regardless.
Summary: "Sequel to Zero Game. 1969 - Caught fast in Vietnam, America's secret war against the Kremlin is put on the back burner. With resources strained, Jack is sent on a solo mission in enemy territory. There he finds something someone tried very hard to misplace."
Comments: This is everything I didn't know I ever wanted. An AU where John is still Snake, divorced, and raising a young, adorable Solid Snake. This is almost exactly how I would want to imagine Big Boss and Ocelot's relationship to have been and the issues that would have been brought up with Ocelot as an x-tuple agent who isn't exactly a team player. AKA the one story where John rescues a missing Adam. And what's a Metal Gear Solid story without some crazy conspiracy theory as a plot point, some Ocelot backstabbing and interrogations, and a betrayal by someone you trust?

Anthem by Firefly99
Pairing: Big Boss/Ocelot
Summary: "They grew old together, and they decayed."
Comments: Pre-MGS4 fic.

Acknowledged by statisticsfag
Pairing: Big Boss/Ocelot/Venom Snake
Comments: Let's break up the heaviness with some double-pen, Ocelot sandwich, PWP.

I Handed You a Knife by Xiaojian
Pairing: Ocelot/Otacon
Summary: "While Metal Gear Rex is being prepared for launch, Ocelot learns something important: Hal Emmerich is an extremely stupid man. He also learns that he wouldn't change him for the world. (MGS1-era.)"
Comments: Somehow the pairing managed to work and it is strangely sweet.

Paradise by NanakiBH
Pairing: Big Boss/Ocelot
Summary: "Their world is a different place." Author's Note: "Most of the bosselot fics I've read have Ocelot on bottom, becoming really do-M for Big Boss. I found those fics enjoyable, but it made me wonder where all the fics about him being do-S are. He's a sadist in canon, so I was kinda surprised. I also really wanted to write Bottom Boss, so here's my contribution."
Comments: PWP, S&M Big Boss/Ocelot style. I completely agree with NanakiBH here on sadist!Ocelot.

Show of Shadows by Thatkindoffangirl
Pairing: Kaz/Ocelot
Summary: "It wasn’t the first time Kaz had snuck in to watch Ocelot perform. In fact, he’d been visiting the dungeons for weeks, each trip blissfully devoid of any kind of social interaction. Ocelot loved to ignore Kaz’s presence, to look the other way as Kaz limped to his favorite spot and watched him have his way with his chosen victim. Then, after the hapless person had given him what he wanted, Ocelot would silently clean everything until it sparkled and leave Kaz alone without exchanging a single word. He would even go as far as to switch the lights off behind him, just as one last reminder that Kaz was unwelcome.
He’d been an idiot to willingly go to such a man for help."
Comments: MGSV. Intense.

Kaleidoscope by NanakiBH
Pairing: Big Boss/Ocelot
Summary: "Everything is temporary except Adam's loyalty."
Comments: Post MGSV, Pre-MG1&2.

the father, the son, and the holy ghost by tattletwink
Pairing: Big Boss/Ocelot
Summary: "set a few months after the events of operation: snake eater big boss tries to work out his grief over the boss's death by fucking her son, eyyyyyy"
Comments: This. This is what I think would have gone through Big Boss's head about Ocelot and the Boss. If Big Boss was so torn up about the Boss's death, I don't think he would have taken Ocelot's parentage lightly at all if he knew. Because, well, after MGS4, like mother, like son. That would have burned because it's Big Boss's history repeating itself.

The Gift by Velasa
Pairing: Big Boss/Ocelot
Summary: "A short drabble set post MGS4, wherein an old soldier wakes up at the end of everything and realizes he's alone."
Comments: Yeah, this is practically canon for me. :(
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