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More MGS because I'm obsessed

MGS writings
Critical Analysis of Metal Gear Solid V: The Boldfaced Lie by -V-S-
Comments: An amazing, amazing essay on the story of MGSV and how it fits into the MGS saga. A must read! This explains so much why I thought MGSV argues itself as the anti-Batman; how Big Boss allows the legacy of "Big Boss" to become larger than life--larger than one individual--and why that is not necessarily a good thing. Because MGSV still is about the fall of Big Boss.

Simply Being Loved by Zarla
Pairing: Otacon/Solid Snake
Summary: "As Snake's inevitable death loomed closer, he began to draw away from them somewhat. That was understandable. But that didn't mean Otacon couldn't at least try once in a while."
Comments: Sweet and depressing as hell like almost all Otacon/Solid Snake. Heck, like almost all MGS pairings.

Hello world series by kriegersan
Pairing: Otacon/Solid Snake
Summary: "Philanthropy fic. Two people learning to understand one another."
Comments: Great depiction of Otacon and Snake's relationship and life together during the Philanthropy days. So in-character it feels like I'm watching a part of their lives cut from canon story line.

MGS art
metal gear randomness and metal gear randomness 2 by rennerei
Comments: I love how the casual banters and poses humanizes the characters. Some of my favorite fanart out there because it's so in line with the themes of MGS.

MGS: HMPH by Supaa-Seto
Comments: Snake's fantasy in that one scene with Naomi and Otacon in MGS4. Funny and sad :(
Tags: rec, rec: metal gear
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