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Code Geass recs

It's been awhile. Again. But in the meantime, I had a sudden craving for Code Geass and "marathoned" it, emphasis on the quotations. And I realized once again what an amazing piece of pop culture Code Geass is. I would call it a masterpiece if it wasn't for all the problems, sheer amount of crack, and contrived plot points. Still, despite all that, it remains my personal favorite anime. A lot of the things I hope will be realized in Berserk has happened here (in different ways) in Code Geass. Therefore, recs!


Code Geass: The Psychology of Lelouch and Suzaku by 7TeenWriters
Comments: Pretty much aligns with how I view Lelouch and Suzaku. Although I would add that their roles gets played with or zigzagged sometimes.

How Kururugi Suzaku Beats Chivalry to a Pulp and Wears It Proudly In Code Geass by JSTORMING
Comments: Comparison of Suzaku to Lancelot of Authorian myth and character analysis.


Eating the Dead by YamiPaladinofChaos
Pairings: none
Summary: "The dead do not rest quiet, and Lelouch finds himself haunted as the days count down towards the Requiem's finale."
Comments: One of my favorite Code Geass one-shots. It's sad, it's a little funny, but mostly, it's sad. Beautiful title and the summary says it all: Lelouch and his ghosts in his final days.

Revenant by YamiPaladinofChaos
Pairings: none
Summary:"Revenge is like a ghost. It takes over every man it touches. Its thirst cannot be quenched, until the last man standing has fallen. Post R2, no pairings."
Comments: Unofficially regarded as fanfiction's version of Code Geass R3, the sequel. YamiPaladinofChaos has a way of writing that not only stays true to the characters and the world but to the themes and the message of the story. This is a fan sequel where, when the peace is threatened, those closest to Lelouch fight for the world he died for.

Higanbana by teno-hikari
Pairings: Ohgi/Lelouch
Summary: "The equinox flower symbolized bewitching, unluckiness, grief, parting, and death. Falling in love with an amnesiac Zero; Ohgi wonders if this is Mother Nature’s way of teaching him that even the most inauspicious of her creations are still beautiful."
Comments: Yes, Ohgi/Lelouch, that's a new one. And I love it! Unfortunately hasn't been updated since 2011 but this story gave us the gift of a serious, divergent Ohgi/Lelouch AU. Now I need to know: how will the Black Knights react to the revealing of Zero's identity now that Ohgi's fallen in love with Zero? What about the beginning of R2 and Rolo? Will this be a happy ending with Prime Minister Ohgi and Lelouch still as Zero? Or will Zero Requiem happen regardless?
This is almost a long character study because of the duality (triality?) Ohgi sees in the amnesiac Lelouch, the commanding and charismatic Zero, and Lelouch Lamperouge the student and everything in between. I'm invested in Ohgi trying to discover what makes Lelouch ticks and connecting the parts he's seen in his Lelouch to Zero and Lamperouge. Also, the sex scenes are pretty hot. Kinda funny how it's a practically established fact that Lelouch is a very vocal bottom. I guess when he decides to do something, he's doing it 110%.

Create Anew by AotA
Pairings: none
Summary: "When Lelouch dies, all the obstinate hate in Suzaku's heart dies with him. The new Zero finds himself wishing that Lelouch had never been forced to go this far. He wishes that he could have blotted out the loneliness he saw in Lelouch's eyes as the supposed demon bled out upon his throne of lies. He never expects his wish to actually come true."
Comments: Strangely enough, for being unfinished and two-chapters, this is my favorite Code Geass fic. Purely from its word choice. In almost 12K words, it manages to recapture everything I love about Code Geass and distill it to its essense to make the most unique back-in-time fic I've ever read. They're back at the beginning, Suzaku and Lelouch and the Shinjuku Ghetto but this time around one of them is trying to reach out and rebuild that bridge between them. AKA, Suzaku the Loyal? I'm intrigued.

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