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Aug. 5th, 2013

caesar tired

Pacific Rim


Watched Pacific Rim yesterday. peoplhi described it pretty succinctly. Pacific Rim = Neon Genesis Evangelion + XCOM: Enemy Unknown. I mean, I was wondering what had happened to the Evangelion movie I've heard was in the making years ago and when I saw the trailer to Pacific Rim, I knew that was what had happened to Eva. Surprised it was directed by del Toro though. It's actually fun when you know what you're looking at.

Things I miss from Eva not present in Pacific Rim:

  1. I guess that young Australian guy was kinda synonymous to the role that Toji played (as the tragic bully that befriended the main character) but Toji's story was much more human and brutal.

  2. Kaworu, the human-looking angel/alien. He was cool.

  3. The female characters in Eva were all interesting and all levels of fucked up. I suppose Mako is supposed to be something like Rei but Mako was too cute/adorable. I even missed Asuka.

And there's a possibility that del Toro might be working on an HBO version of Monster. He might have a thing for good manga/anime. Cool.

Jul. 28th, 2013

sydney fairy tales

Berserk and Nietzsche 1

I'm pretty sure Griffith is Jesus Christ.
There are arguments that Griffith is the Anti-Christ or the false prophet but the events in his life so closely fits Jesus's: torture, ascendance into "heaven"/another world (the God Hand's), that I really think he's Jesus. The thing is the universe and cosmology of Berserk is a twisted one. What is "God" in Berserk? The Idea of Evil. What are the "angels" that serve to carry out "God's" task? The God Hands. The task, apparently being "do as you will." Who is Jesus with his weird birth situation? Griffith.

Griffith's story is almost the literal interpretation of this:

"It is possible that beneath the holy tale and camouflage that is the life of Jesus, lies hidden one of the most painful cases of martyrdom out of knowledge about love; the martyrdom of the most innocent and desirous heart, one that never had enough of any human love, that demanded to love and to be loved and nothing else besides, with harshness, with madness, with frightful outbursts against those who denied him this love. It is the story of a poor man, unsatisfied and insatiable in matters of love, who had to invent hell in order to send there the people who did not want to love him--and who, initiated into human love, finally had to invent a God who was all love, all capacity for love--who takes pity on human love because it is so very paltry, so ignorant! One who feels like that, who knows about love like that--seeks death." ---Nietzsche from Beyond Good and Evil, Faber translation.

I'm not saying Griffith's story would come out exactly like that but there is a close similarity between Griffith and Nietzsche's interpretation of Jesus or at least a play with Griffith as Jesus and Nietzsche's interpretation of Jesus.

Berserk had other influences by Nietzsche with its own slant. For example, Nina. You have in Beyond Good and Evil again, "the person who is cowardly or anxious or petty or concerned with narrow utility is despised; likewise the distrustful person with his constrained gaze, the self-disparager, the craven kind of person who endures maltreatment, the importunate flatterer, and above all the liar..."

Nina embodied all of those traits as a character but the entire point of her story arc is that she learned to attempt to change. No matter how despicable and petty she was, Nina was not a static character and despite being a petty, etc., etc. person and ruled by fear, in the end, she took initiative and left Luca. Nina realized she was using religion as a crutch and in a way, she was using Luca too and that she needed to be away from Luca in order to grow.

Just from the very fact that Nina realized she could try to become a better person, she was on her way to becoming a better person. A stronger, more independent person.

Personal crack theory: if Griffith is Jesus, and if Emperor Ganiska is Judas on the basis of being a runaway Apostle, Rakshas might be Paul. Since I know next to nothing about Christianity, I'll just go by Nietzsche from Antichrist who believes Paul to be the one to subvert all of Christ's teachings for power. Rakshas used to kill and was a part of the Kushan army? I think. Well, whatever the case, just a hypothesis.

Jul. 17th, 2013

caesar tired

Berserk and Nietzsche

I decided it was high time to read some Nietzsche and randomly got The Will to Power and halfway through the intro, I realized, holy crap, this is the plot to Berserk! So I'm powering through Nietzsche right now, albeit out of order: The Will to Power, The Antichrist, Human All Too Human, and I'm currently on Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

I knew there was some Nietzsche influence in Berserk but I didn't know much about Nietzsche except for the Ubermensch and Griffith is basically Miura's version of the Ubermensch but events surrounding Griffith also loosely follows the events of Jesus Christ. Now I know why. Or why there's a motif on the repetition of time.

Things to think about:
what Berserk says about Ubermensch and will to power
eternal recurrance of the same?
religion in Berserk, Buddhism, Christianity, Jesus
Berserk's cosmology: no free will and causality, the "angels" and "god" of evil as expression of collective will
subconscious world vs. objective world
individual vs. collective will: differences in Nietzsche and Berserk
the role of the nature of the world (belief/philosophy according to writer) and magic in fantasy and plot structure/story arcs

Jul. 8th, 2013

sydney fairy tales

Berserk Journal 3

Life is calming down again and I'm slowly making up the sleep I've been missing probably for the past year and a half. So I figure maybe I could return to journal on Berserk again.

This journal had been half-written months ago and going back to it now creates a weird dissonance.

Volume 22:

Reunion on the Hill of Swords (Vol. 22, page 28) <--Check out that awesome but impractical symbolism of neoGriffith standing at the grave site of the Band of the Hawks Rickert made. Where did Rickert get the money for all that metal? And why don't thieves just steal them when they were sitting out there for quite some time?

Anyway, it's the literal image of "burying the ruin of his [Griffith's] dreams" deal from back during the Eclipse. What's so great about this image is that everything is very much implied but not made too explicit. Griffith isn't cackling over his evil deeds and sacrifice of his men. He's just standing there, calm and stoic. The Band of the Hawks was a part of his dream. This image can be taken Guts's way, where you can see Griffith as the symbol of betrayal and all the deaths of their men. But it can also be taken as a part of Griffith's dream, on a path that requires more death and sacrifice, one that Griffith had come to terms with and Griffith's decided he's willing to continue on that path.

OK, am I going too much into imagery and symbolism here? One would think so if this wasn't Berserk and written and drawn by Miura and look, Vol. 22, page 34, Griffith even says, "I thought this place would befit us. Our Band of the [Hawk] gathered here." Griffith is a leader of men with dreams of having a kingdom. He is very symbolism savy. He chose the very hill for its symbolic meaning. Which makes it fact that Griffith has his own interpretation for what the hill means to him.

When Guts goes berserk and charges at Griffith, Rickert tackles Guts (Vol. 22, page 30) and says "It's Griffith! It's our Griffith! Why?"
Rickert is an interesting character because he is the only living, original Band of the Hawks member not present at the Eclipse. Not only that, but he was too young at the time and was left behind and never learned the whole story behind the Eclipse. That is a very valuable role, by the way, and I think he will be made more important thematically. Rickert will be the only one close enough to the Bank of the Hawks to know it's history and empathize with the members, yet was removed enough from the events to see things more objectively, and can be a symbol of youth/younger generation so that whatever his decision or judgement will be, it can represent the decision/judgement of a new future.

See, that's just 2 pages right after that image of Griffith standing on the Hill of Swords and that, I don't think, is incidental. No good writer worth his salt would have Guts react violently on page 29 and immediately, on page 30, have another character rush in, interrupt Guts's emotionally charged reaction and remind us that Griffith was a part of the Band of the Hawks too and not have that mean something to the story. It has to be significant.

Vol. 22, page 32, Griffith smiles calmly at Guts and says, "You always swing before you talk. No, if anything, you're like you were when we first met."

One, Griffith brings up the past between them (mockingly? factually? teasingly? ...lovingly? all of the above? Man, Griffith's a hard bastard to read.) And bam!, that line is totally not what we would expect for Griffith's first spoken line to Guts post-Eclipse. This allows for zigzagging of his love (platonic or not, it doesn't matter) for Guts. Griffith used to care for Guts but now he no longer does? But he wouldn't have brought it up if he still doesn't.
As for Guts, Guts is seeing the old Griffith, "The same face...the same smile...," and it's pissing him off and confusing the hell out of him. Guts hadn't been able to attack Griffith at the Island of Albion (Great Britain?) because Griffith didn't look like a demonic Godhand but the old Griffith which completely threw Guts off.

Two, it brings up the past when they first met. I don't know why this keeps popping up but it keeps popping up. What keeps popping up? The repetition of history. I also recall Skullknight? talking with someone about repetition of history and how it's not a full circle. I think it was Skullknight with Flora later on.
Anyway, Griffith is basically saying Guts has reverted to the crazed, violent guy he once was, the guy Guts had grown from during his stay with the Band of the Hawks after taking a position of authority and learning to care after the people under him. Oh, hey, that reminds me of Guts's future nakama group, the Band of the Guts where Guts will probably have to relearn everything he's learned before. I also recall a time pre-Eclipse where Guts was denying Caska's charge that Guts was a thoughtless Berserker with little care for the members of the band, specifically, that it was important for him that he's changed from the man he once was.

Now that begs the question: what about Griffith? If Griffith thinks Guts is back to his berserker persona (painful but true at this point), where is Griffith in his own personal history line?

I'm not gonna get into Guts and Griffith's conversation too much. Others have done it already. It just boils down to:

Guts: Griffith, you have no right to call yourself a Band of the Hawks member or anything to do with the Band of the Hawks because you killed them all! And raped Caska and made her crazy! I'll kill you!!
Griffith: No, all their dreams are based on my dream and I have not betrayed my dream ergo I betrayed nothing. Oh yeah, ur dumb and I don't care for any of you any more.

Except that turned out to be not so true when Griffith saves Caska later and thus proves himself, once again, a hypocrite of the highest caliber because he cares for people important to him and is not the complete soulless, dream-chasing monster he wants to be. See Berserk Journal 1 for motif: Griffith is human. So next time, onto The Beast Swordsman vs. The Black Swordsman.

Jul. 1st, 2013


LotR and Thor recs

Watching the extended version of Lord of the Rings trilogy with lockeed as my guide. lockeed's been reading the series since third grade and is well-versed in the mythos. Now I get a nice running commentary about which scenes were kept, which were cut out, and which were left out of the book entirely and/or changed.
Also, holy crap, Myths RETOLD! is doing Silmarillion. So I went there for a quick and easy (and funny with foul language) explanation to Tolkien's universe.

Lord of the Rings

Aglarond by ErinRua
Pairing: none.
Summary: A dwarf, a cave and a claustrophobic elf. Wherein Gimli and Legolas venture into the Crystal Caves of Aglarond at war's end and Legolas is lost for words.
Comments: Filler fic that wonderfully details the different sensory experiences and cultures between dwarves and elves and the two bridging it.

In the Deep Places by Lamiel
Pairing: none
Summary: Legolas and Gimli set the foundations for friendship in Moria and Lothlorien.
Comments: Multi-chapter story about how the two slowly and painfully got over their distrust of one another and painful it was, especially when beset by all types of dangers and adversities in Moria.

Of Rowan and Ruin by Thundera Tiger
Pairings: none
Summary: The story of a friendship one hundred and twenty-two years in the making.
Comments: Beautiful use of the rowan tree and the passage of time. If I were to imagine Gimli and Legolas's friendship over the years, I could imagine it like this.

Through the Gloaming by Evandar
Pairing: Gimli/Legolas
Summary: Before they reach Mirkwood, a strange mist from the Mountains brings the Company of Thorin Oakenshield into contact with a strange future.
Comments: Yes! A Hobbit/Lord of the Rings fusion. How does that work when they're from the same universe? It does.
I love the Aragorn/Gimli/Legolas team because to me, they are an odd team of races (the token human, dwarf, and elf) working together and representing hope and the future. This is Gimli/Legolas and it does what I love about Gimli/Legolas as a pairing: make people confront species-ism, history, and letting go of the past. It's also short, magical, and reminds me of "Soft Places" from the Sandman where people of different times are able to meet. Also good decision avoiding the POV of Gimli or Legolas but sticking only to those closest to Gimli so we're able to see the dwarf and elf pairing from outside eyes.


A Deep Itch to Scratch by DemonQueen666
Pairing: Loki/Balder, Loki/everyone
Summary: Unbeknownst to him, Loki's physiology as a Frost Giant sends him into heat. What starts off as a mere annoyance becomes more and more puzzling, more and more troubling, and eventually turns into a desperate situation as he tries to find release from his inexplicable 'ailment'.
Comments: I have no idea why I didn't rec this writer before. I think it's one of those times when it's so matter of course that I thought I already did rec it even when I haven't. Anyway, this fic introduced me to Loki/Balder back in the day and what an intro! Wild, sexy, hot, sad, and sweet all rolled into one. I mean, it's an odd story, what with heat and mpreg but it's played straight and taken to logical yet surprising conclusions. I commend it for bravery.

Ne'er Say We Die (part 5 of the Folkin' Around series) by DemonQueen666
Pairing: Darcy/Loki
Summary: One day, Darcy Lewis will say to her friends, “Remember that time we were pirates?” When she does, this is the story she will tell.
Comments: The story is not as silly as the summary makes it out to be, I swear. Also, I'm breaking my own rule and reccing part of a story instead of the whole series even when all the parts are connected and generally is structured around one person (Loki) as the main character. Why?
One, the parts are different in style and genre enough. And two, parts 1 and 2 start off really slow and really, is kind of a different story altogether. It picks up in part 3 but part 5 is where everything awesome takes place. The character development Loki goes through between parts 3 and 5 is one of the best I've ever seen. Ever. That is, there is a lot of internal conflict that takes place with or without external conflict and all the lessons were thoroughly learned and applied in later parts of the series. The Loki from part 1 (or 3) is a very different Loki from part 5 because of his experiences. Not only that, but side characters are also dynamic and their interaction changes too because they and the main character had changed.

Stiletto by Hella
Pairing: Loki/Tony
Summary: The smouldering beauty that Tony keeps hooking up with at the bar has a surprise up her sleeve.
Comments: No matter how short, this is the Lady Loki/Tony fic. It just captures everything you want from that specific pairing into approximately 800 words.

An Acquired Taste by Hella
Pairing: Loki/Tony
Summary: Tony receives a visit from a weary war criminal on the run. Alcohol happens.
Comments: The eventual drink scene by Hella. I don't know what else to say about it except go read it. Hella has this way of writing Loki/Tony that's very cat and mouse, Batman/Catwoman, and sexy.

Good Inside by glayish
Pairing: Loki/Thor
Summary: “Is this supposed to shame me, Thor? I thought you could do better. But I should have known.” Loki bares his teeth and when he speaks into Thor’s ear he makes sure his words bite.
“There’s not enough good in you to take the bad out of me.”
Comments: Noncon, dubcon, all sorts of inappropriate, dirty con. Very filthy, rapey, but confusingly dubcon sort of con. As for plot: Thor does Loki with Mjolnir.

Rise From Ash by Mikkeneko
Pairing: Loki/Tony
Summary: When Loki's world falls apart around him, he learns that sometimes you do get a second chance.
Comments: Holy crap, awesome! One of the tag for this was "that escalated quickly" and yeah, it did. The story starts off as an AU where Loki fell directly onto Midgard after the end of the Thor movie but unexpectedly goes through sursprising tropes. Not only that but great writing and wonderfully descriptive sentences.

What We Speak Not Of by Kay (sincere)
Pairing: Loki/Odin
Summary: It began as a necessity, but it isn't anymore. Now Loki is old enough to find his own partners, to sate his own needs. Now they still do it because they can, because they like it, and perhaps, because they don't know what else to do. Odin does not have the strength to stop it.
Comments: So wrong yet so interesting and understandable.

for queen and country by versy
Pairing: Loki/Thor
Summary: Loki lies back and thinks of England.
Comments: A classic. Hot. And weird.

Jun. 12th, 2013

caesar listless

LOTR rec

I tried to avoid it for the longest time, I really did, but oh well. I'm totally a newbie to both the fandom and the series even if I did watch the movies some years ago.

From One Age to Another by Determamfidd
Pairing: Gimli/Legolas
Summary: Upon their return to Eryn Lasgalen and Erebor respectively, Legolas and Gimli have a new adornment. Their fathers would like an explanation. (They're not going to like it.)
Comments: Lovely language, great continuation of myth and age/generations theme, and I think the summary doesn't do much to convey the emotion of the story. It isn't about Gimli and Legolas's relationship as it is their relationship with their family and loved ones, how much they've changed from their journey, and the decisions they've made.

Hunting by Thundera Tiger
Pairing: none
Summary: On the slopes of Amon Hen, the Fellowship was broken. In describing this crisis, the books give an account of Frodo, Sam, Aragorn, Boromir, Merry, and Pippin. But what about Legolas and Gimli? All we known from Tolkien is that they went hunting...
Comments: A short, great and exciting read. Since I've never read the books, I don't really have a basis for comparison but the writer proves very, very competent and I have faith everything is close to character.

Jun. 5th, 2013

1x5 wild


I was coming back from work when this song suddenly popped up when station surfing and I realized this is the song for how I feel for lockeed. lockeed reminds me of relaxing on a field on a warm, sunny day.

Song: As I Lay Me Down To Sleep
Artist: Sophie B. Hawkins

It felt like spring time on this February morning
In a courtyard birds were singing your praise
I'm still recalling things you said to make me feel alright
I carried them with me today

As I lay me down to sleep
This I pray
That you will hold me dear
Though I'm far away
I'll whisper your name into the sky
And I will wake up happy

I wonder why I feel so high
Though I am not above the sorrow
Heavy hearted
Till you call my name
And it sounds like church bells
Or the whistle of a train
On a summer evening
I'll run to meet you
Barefoot, barely breathing

As I lay me down to sleep
This I pray
That you will hold me dear
Though I'm far away
I'll whisper your name into the sky
And I will wake up happy

It's not too near for me
Like a flower I need the rain
Though it's not clear to me
Every season has it's change
And I will see you
When the sun comes out again

As I lay me down to sleep
This I pray
That you will hold me dear
Though I'm far away
I'll whisper your name into the sky
And I will wake up happy

I wonder why
when the sun comes out again
I will wake up happy
This I pray

May. 18th, 2013

Luck Gandor



Domino Effect by Laylah
Pairing: Maiza/Ronnie
Summary: When did humans become more than abstractly fascinating? How did a collection of extortionists and killers become such wholesome company?
Comments: Interesting use of travel, place and time montage/summary.


Pairing: none?
Prompt: Instead of Loki committing suicide, Thor caught him and Odin pulled both of them up. In the palace Thor confronts his brother as Odin watches. When asked why, Loki responds simply, "I hate you." Thor wants to know why, what he did to make his brother hate him so much. I would love it if part of the reason is Loki is jealous of his brother - everyone loves him, he's the hero, the favorite, while everyone in Asgard looks down on Loki, including (so Loki believes) their father.
Bonus points if Loki tells Thor "I'm a frost giant, isn't that enough reason to hate me?" because he gets so frustrated that his brother isn't angry, just sad.
Comments: Nicely done fill that manages to hit all the prompt points and more.

May. 13th, 2013

sydney fairy tales

Vagrant Story rec

Needed by Blinks Midnight
Pairing: Hardin/Sydney
Summary: A fugitive and a prophet walk into a bar...
Comments: I miss Vagrant Story and this is appropriate. It's a sweet, short story about Sydney and Hardin's first meeting.

The Cultists' Cycle series by pantswarrior
Pairing: Hardin/Sydney
Summary: A series of stories centering around the relationship between Sydney Losstarot and John Hardin, the two heads of the Müllenkamp cult, (mostly) prior to Vagrant Story canon, from their first meeting to the end of their association.
Comments: The writer began this in 2001 and brought it back to life in 2010; that's dedication. There aren't a lot of Vagrant Story fics so it is so very relieving to read a well written, long series. I may flirt around with Ashley/Sydney but Hardin/Sydney is my Vagrant Story OTP and although I don't know if I quite agree with all of the pairing's interpretation, it's done interestingly and with a divergent AU added at the end.

Never the Twain Shall Meet by Talya Firedancer
Pairing: Ashley/Sydney?
Summary: Short character introspective story which takes place after the Vagrant Story game major spoilers for the end.
Comments: A classic back in the day. Short, to the point, in-character, and keeps true to the language of Vagrant Story. Nicely done.

Upon a Winter's Eve by harukami
Pairing: Ashley/Sydney
Summary: Post-game, following Ashley as a vagrant wandering through towns and villages, haunted by the ghost of Sydney who neither sleeps nor dreams. Ashley decides to share a dream with Sydney for a night.
Comments: A prettily written one-shot. I like that neither Ashley nor Sydney are particularly familiar with one another but there is a partnership that crops up from their travels.

The Suicide King by harukami
Pairing: none
Summary: Vagrant Story/Fullmetal Alchemist crossover. Sydney Losstarot and Ed Elric have a discussion of power and its prices. Title is from one of the rooms in the Abandoned Mines B1.
Comments: This makes me want to cross Sydney with everything. It stays true to Sydney's speech patterns and I am getting an unordinary amount of pleasure from Sydney flumoxing even Edward Elric.
Vagrant Story fits so well with the FMA universe with metal prosthetics, grimiores/arrays, and cities designed for sacrificing.

Shaping a Vessel by Laylah
Pairing: Ashley/Sydney
Summary: He feels the presence of the Dark as possibility, like the moment on a battlefield before the charge first begins, or as a strange sense of companionship, as if he has an ally at his back, just out of sight.
Comments: Very in-character. Sydney does have a track record of teaching Ashley about himself and the Dark while sardonically teasing him and mocking humanity in one fell swoop.
Like a lot of Vagrant Story shorts, beautiful, atmospheric, and mystical are prerequisites.

Without Artifice by Laylah
Pairing: Hardin/Sydney
Summary: He is slender and elegantly formed, every piece of him in perfect proportion to the others, save those pieces that are gone.
Comments: Amputee!kink Sydney sex! Well, I personally believe Sydney's missing parts of his legs as well, at least from the knees down. Aside from that, this hits closest to my interpretation of Sydney and Hardin's characters and their relationship dynamics. Sydney is a powerful individual who is far from helpless without his prosthetics (he can fly and float in the air) and he is willing to use his powers and push his will onto others if he believes it would benefit him or help achieve his goal in some way. On the other hand, there is a part of him that believes he should respect human life on the individual level if he can afford it. And I think Hardin understands this.

May. 10th, 2013

sydney fairy tales

Berserk Journal 2

Berserk Journaling Continues. I mean, spoilers are a given... and I apologize for the quality in this one. Health progressively getting worse.

It's so cool to see Miura revisit situations through different characters. Here, volume 20, page 27, we have a revisit during the Rebirth Eclipse of volume 12, page 143 during the Eclipse. Of course all the main characters are off panel, busy doing something else so it's up to Luca, Nina, Jerome, and Isidro to do their nakama thing. And the Gryffindorish character strategically and heroically decides to let the Slytherin character's hands go. However, in contrast to that, Griffith went through an entire year of torture and is holding Guts and himself up with a broken arm and severed tendons, volume 12, page 144, whereas Nina got a finger-thing (I can't tell whether they pulled a fingernail or not.)

The question, then, is can we use the secondary characters in question (i.e.: Luca and Nina) to glean something from their relationship or actions as foils and apply them to Griffith and Guts? There are obvious differences with Griffith:Nina and Guts:Luca (and also Griffith:Luca and Guts:Nina). Griffith is very intelligent, really ambitious and my god, Nina is the dumbest, most chicken shit thing I've ever seen. And Guts has serious issues while Luca is blessedly well-tempered.

I really don't want to get into Nina though so I'll just leave notes: yandere, resentment, love/hate, Nina/Luca with a full arc to compare and contrast for Guts/Griffith speculation. Or has it already happened with Griffith walking away? Also possible opposite of Guts/Griffith issue if neither of them had walked out on the other and Guts resenting Griffith?

Starting with volume 21, page 137, the beginning of the second Eclipse, Puck is again, taking up a bit of our attention on the page and overwhelmed by the screaming. Actually, you go back to page 135 and check it out, Puck is the brightest thing on the 2 pages and all the panels and images lead our gaze to Puck. So when Behelit Apostle is activated, "I feel that everything in my world carries one hope which is the same as mine. Everything is going with me...the world I'm creating and screaming [punctuation?] Everything is synchronized." Page 139, you can see Behelit Apostle is smiling in contentment .

Page 140, you see the multitude of living and dead souls and everything screaming in anguish, which is like all other activation of behelits but where with Griffith's and the apostles, it's about the individual's anguish, this is the collective anguish. The Second Eclipse is like my favorite part of the story so far because it is so beautifully done. The sacrifice are the most religious. Jerome even points it out in page 196. And who are the ones left? It's like Luca said, those who don't get disturbed by others and work to survive. But the sacrifice are included in the mass wish so, in a way, it's like an inversion of the First Eclipse.

Page 141, check that out, Puck again is the brightest thing on the page and he realizes that Guts's behelit is "resonating with the screaming". It's just all the repetition of Puck earlier and overwhelmed by screaming makes me think this is a significant page, specifically the fifth panel when he opens the bag to show the behelit grinning. I'm wondering has the behelit been changed by this Second Eclipse event? I'm thinking when it gets activated, whether it's by Guts or Puck or whoever, I think it's going to be tied in to Behelit Apostle's wish for a better world and/or Griffith's purpose/destiny.
The key words here are "resonating" and "synchronized" (from page 139) to that "one hope" the Behelit Apostle wished for. If the resonating screams and hope can give us a neo-Griffith, what does that mean for a behelit that was in synch with the Behelit Apostle?

Page 142, inversion of the hand color from dark to light.

Page 147, again inversion of color from light to dark but it's because all the faces are spewing blood as Griffith is reborn as opposed to taking in the blood for Griffith's body.

I love Behelit Apostle, by the way. He is my favorite side character and one of the most pivotal characters in Berserk. No one will know his story except Luca but it says something when the guy wants to be a behelit for a better world. That's so unique and selfless.

I don't know anything about Christianity so I don't know if Griffith riding on Zodd is of any significance. But...7 angels ala Mozgus and his gang, lol.

Oh, yes, Farnese:Nina foil of girls ruled by fear who use religion as their crutch, one on the Holy See side and one on the pagan side whose faith and faith structure had been demolished and organization all killed off and were forced to change and grow because of it.

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