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Star Trek XI kink meme 2

Human Courtship Practices in Five Easy Steps by madelf
Pairing: Spock/McCoy
Prompt: Everything Spock (thinks he) knows about human courting rituals he learned from romantic comedies (e.g., When Harry Met Sally, You've Got Mail, etc.) and pornos.
Comments: Cute.

Untitled by naroclie
Pairings: Kirk/Spock
Prompt: watersport. going through his (I don't care which) uniform.
Comments: Hot.

Pairings: Bones/Kirk/Spock
Prompt: So Nero isn't dead. He's alive and somehow, he kidnaps Kirk and tortures/brainwashes him into believing that he has been Nero's lover for years. By the time he's found, he's completely under Nero's control, some even suggest there's no hope for getting him back to his former self, but Bones and Spock refuse to believe that.
Comments: Uncomfortably disturbing.

Souvenirs by emiime
Pairings: Pike/George Kirk, Pike/Jim Kirk
Prompt: When Pike and Jim are having sex Pike says something along the lines of "/You do it/ just like your father". Kirk FREAKS.
Comments: Despite the prompt, it wasn't as angsty as I had feared. And it's totally hot, both of the sex scenes with a much more light-hearted ending than what I had been expecting.

Of Convenience
by annenburg
Pairings: Kirk/Spock
Prompt: Kirk has to get married (for inheritance, a promotion, whatever) and has to make everyone think it's real. He approaches _____ to ask him to fake it with him. The biggest point is it has to be convincing to everyone else. _____ agrees eventually and they get married. Cue domesticity.
Comments: I have a few minor issues with it but for such a prompt, the outcome was a monster of a story with 60 chapters and a sequel. Badass. Author also gave a pretty good reason for why Kirk has to get married.

Pairings: Sarek/Amanda
Prompt: We get a lot of Amanda trying to be Vulcan and subdued...but can I get something where Sarek is the one being overtly romantic? He did extensive research into the mating habits of humans, particularly the ideal conditions required to woo a suitable human female, and naturally read/watched/experienced a TON of Cheesy Romantic Possibly Harlequin!Romance drivel. He attempts many of these things with disastrous results until Amanda realizes what he's up to and tells him that he doesn't need to try so hard.
Comments: Again, cute.

Divergence by 13empress (basically complete)
Pairings: Kirk/Spock probably
Prompt: Say a Romulan from the Narada survived, and was able to go into another Alt. Reality, and this time he plans to help Nero win for sure. SpockPrime is aware of this, and somehow using some of his future-tech knowledge to get the Enterprise and her crew into this AR to help, because this time Nero's not waiting around.
Comments: A very well done multi-parter with suspense and cliff-hangers willy nilly. I love it when someone gets divergent AUs down.

When You Find Your Way Home (I'll Be Waiting Right Here) by Little Miss GG
Pairings : Spock/McCoy
Prompt: Spock gets taken by some unknown entity. Eventually Kirk et al find and rescue Spock, but he's different.
What I want is a Spock who is very like River from Firefly, the same things don't need to have happened to him, but whatever anon decides would make sense to make him be that way.
Talks in convoluted metaphors, sorta psychic, can kill you with his brain, surprise!killing skillz all those delightful River aspects.
This story was inspired by a prompter who was looking for Spock who is very similar to River from firefly. It sort of deviated and ended up as something else, but I thank anon for the inspiration none-the-less. This is a story about getting lost and coming home. It’s also a story about friendship and love and never giving up. Also it’s about Bones McCoy who is far from perfect, Spock who is learning to be Spock again and James T. Kirk who is a genius.  An idiot - but also a genius.
Comments: An interesting story.
Tags: fandom, rec, rec: star trek xi
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